Our Commitment

We are committed above all things to our concept of luxury. This means dedicating the necessary time and dedication to the constant search for new concepts, ancient techniques and artisans who can carry out our designs, creating unique pieces, learning and giving the best of ourselves along the way.

Chu Ioffe Forest

Taking a further step towards neutralizing our environmental impact, we have reached an agreement with an organization focused on the reforestation of habitats around our areas of influence in Turkey.

To this end, we are investing in reforestation and biodiversity recovery in areas affected by climate change, with detailed monitoring of each plantation and its maintenance. As part of this commitment, we are planting 600 trees to neutralize our carbon footprint.

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Meet Carmen

This baskets are made in Colombia, 100% by hand by artisan women who lead a project where they run their businesses themselves, paying a fair price and respecting artisanal and sustainable processes.

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Less is More

In our collections the raw materials used are 100% linen, straw, cotton, mother-of-pearl, natural shells and recycled leather.

This not only affects the final quality of the collection, but also has a positive impact on the environmental benefits.

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High technology serving tradition.

We develop all our designs and patterns using the latest technology.

It allows us to recreate pre-production samples in a digital environment, detecting and resolving possible design modifications in real time.

It also has a huge impact on saving raw materials and water and reducing the carbon footprint, as we minimize the need for production and logistics of these samples.

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