Slow Luxury Fashion

We understand design as a craft and craftsmanship as an art form. The respect and study of ancestral textile techniques, redesigned with a contemporary point of view, offers us the opportunity to create unique collections in which we combine the best of the past and the present to create unique and timeless pieces.

There are no shortcuts to excellence.

We respect the time that excellence requires, without excuses. That's why our embroiderers can take up to three days to create the embroideries for each dress.

One Woman. One Size.

A careful morphological study together with first class pattern makers and designers have allowed us to develop a one-size collection, with a perfect fit for each type of women, regardless of her height, contour or weight.

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our complemets 

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  • Chu Ioffe Forest

    Leave a mark. Erase our trail. We want to leave only the best of ourself wherever we go,that's why we implement initiatives that improve the environment where we work.

  • Meet Carmen

    We work side by side with artisans who lead projects to rediscover and restore luxury to crafts, updating designs and giving them a new life.

  • Less is More

    We use only natural raw materials to make our collections, which allows us to guarantee high quality and a recycling rate close to 100%.

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Our Metaverse

We have developed a virtual space so that you can get to know our collections, our philosophy and our work in a more real and immersive way.

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